one week later…

Hey everyone,

First, we’ve been thrilled to see the response from the blogosphere to CSHS; thanks very much for your support! We’re proud to have offered some kickass poetry that’s been well-received, and we hope we can continue to do so. Of course, that means we need…

Submissions. Currently, we have need for submissions related to our second issue’s theme, Alchemies. Please check out our post on what the theme entails: really, it’s a lot more flexible than you may think. We welcome short stories, prose poems, and artwork that expresses the theme as well! But there’s only three weeks left to submit, and we haven’t yet filled our plate with as many options as we’d like, so we exhort you to send things in. (With National Poetry Month around the corner, hopefully some of you will be generating fresh work in the next couple weeks that can tie in to the theme…)

And yes, we will be accepting for our unthemed Issue #3 starting Tuesday. But we’d really like to get an Issue #2 in there first. :)  (The theme for Issue #4 will be released before too long as well, we’re sure…)

We appreciate any signal boost you can give us, both to share the fine poetic work that’s already up, and to get your friends, enemies, or frenemies to send us more. Please also keep an eye on this blogspace for treats during National Poetry Month. Reach out and touch us!

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