the first wave begins to crest

Happy Thursday! We’re pretty excited to see that the submissions are already rolling in at a steady clip, poetry and prose alike; 22 days to go! Please have a look at our guidelines and consider something in if you haven’t yet…

Nicole raised a good question in the comments: will we consider work that has previously appeared on a blog? The answer is yes, but. We would prefer to see some or all of the following: a) the work removed or password-protected on the blog; b) a more polished version of the original piece in your submission; c) notation in your blog of where to find the published piece. We understand the idea of blogs as a forum for developing ideas in a semi-public way, and the importance of having a record of your work’s progress over time; but we hope that you give CSHS its due by treating the version here as the “most finished, most public” version. (At least, until you publish it somewhere else, someday, perhaps.)

It’s also a good time to give two shout-outs to other blog types that have given a signal boost to our project here. First, special thanks to We Write Poems and their new offshoot, Red Wolf Journal, for their support; go check them out and consider sending to two journals at once! (Maybe different poems though. You know how editors like to chat.) And thanks also to Margo Roby, who has very kindly given us a write-up on her site. If you haven’t been to see it, you should: it’s the veritable clearinghouse for blogs, prompt sites, news, and tidbits poetic that all cyberspace writers should be familiar with.

Quick edit: forgot to mention that there has been a bit of confusion about what the address to submit to actually is. If the submission guidelines are bit too arcane, the address is “cshsquarterly”. Then there’s an at-sign. Then there’s “gmail”. Then comes the punctuation mark and “com” that you’d expect. We’re being so crafty with this to deter bots however little we can.

Other questions are welcome! We’ll answer as promptly as possible, between reading what people have sent in.