extending the deadline…

Hey all!

In case you’re not aware, Tessa and I have been pretty nuttily doing NaPoWriMo daily challenges for the month of April, she at her blog and I at mine, which means this blog has been a bit quiet. BUT, that doesn’t mean we aren’t reading your submissions and craftily plotting the release of our next issue in about a week.

First of all, we are looking to finish sending responses for what we’ve received already by tomorrow or Saturday. So if you did submit to Alchemies and haven’t heard yet, please stay tuned.

However, the slush pile was also pretty light this time around, and we are still open to additional submissions, beyond our original deadline of this past Sunday. So, let’s say… if you get us something by Monday, 28 April, we are willing to consider it for the second issue. We know a lot of you have been doing daily challenges for the month as well, so if anything you’ve written can connect to our theme — poems, stories, artwork, or other media that relate to transformation, change, harmony and disharmony, actual alchemy, lead, gold, beasts, symbols, or however you want to interpret the theme in a way you think we’ll like — please send it! Monday is definitely the hard deadline, though, as we still expect to get this thing out next weekend, lightweight or not.

We are also accepting submissions for the next unthemed issue, but that’s not the fun one. We know you want to send in for the one about to launch. So what are you waiting for? :)

~ from Joseph