issue two, “alchemies”, is live!

Now that the April frenzy is over, we finally had time to… well, what do you do after you get your ducks in a row? Knock them over? Feed them bread crumbs? Whatever it is, we managed to do it this weekend, and muscle through to get Issue Two live. This is our first themed issue, on the subject “Alchemies”, so we weren’t sure what to expect; but the submissions pile was full of pleasant surprises and interpretations on the theme, with settings from the fantastic to the ordinary and styles from the conversational to the ecstatic. We also got visual art submissions, which we were thrilled to see, and hope those will continue in the future.

Please click the “current issue” button at the top of the page to get to the works by, *ahem*, Sylvia Ashby, Susan Chast, Gabrielle Freeman, Nicole Nicholson, Sara Norja, Francine Rubin, Scott T. Starbuck, John Vieira, and Barbara Young. And while you’re clicking up there, you ought to think about clicking “submission guidelines” as well, since we are still reading for the next issue until 10 June! We thank you all for your continued support, and hope that you’ll help us grow this little corner of the blogosphere into something truly special. Cheers and enjoy!

first issue is live!

So, we’ve managed to get here at last… the first issue of CSHS is now live! You can get to it via the “current issue” link on the header bar, and it will be the front page for the site for a couple weeks, at least. There is fine work by twelve poets in this issue: Kendall A. Bell, James Brush, Rachel Bunting, John Grey, Corey Mesler, Esther Murer, Kenneth Pobo, Val Dering Rojas, Jeff Schiff, Irene Toh, Barbara Young, and Thomas Zimmerman. Please give them a read!

And remember that we are currently accepting submissions for our second issue, with the theme Alchemies (due in on 20 April), and will begin accepting submissions for our third (unthemed) issue on 1 April. Click on the “submission guidelines” link on the header bar for more information. Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting us in getting the journal off the ground, and we hope you enjoy it/follow us/spread the word!